COVID-19 Message: YES! I am still open during this time.  I just had to adjust many of my services to accommodate the stay at home order for MD.  I have adjusted my pricing and moved a majority of my services to online.  If you desire to use my service but are in financial distress, contact me.  We will work something out.  I am happy to do a barter service in lieu of monetary payment.  Contact me and we will work something out! 
Just because we are secluded from each other does NOT mean you have to go through this alone.
*****Current Special: "Ask a doula" FREE 2hr Q & A about all topics of pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding.  One session per couple***** 
Dear pregnant person, 
I believe you are entitled to more than just a business transaction of doula and client.  I believe your birth will be better if we really get to know each other and you consider me one of your partners during pregnancy, birth and parenthood.  I believe it is your decision to have whomever you want at your birth and have them help or not help as much as you want.  I believe our journey does not end after birth, in your "fourth trimester" it's important for you to have non-judgmental support from a birth worker whose only priority is your mental health and confident transition to parenthood.  I KNOW all this is possible during OUR doula - client relationship. 
I am not the doula for every pregnant person and that's fine.  However if you want more than just a business relationship, more than two pre and post baby visits, more than book education - experiences from a mom of three kids; then I may be the doula you have been looking for.  My glorious clients don't hire for WHAT I do, but WHY I do it.
Thank you for reading!