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Dear pregnant person, 
I believe you are entitled to more than just a business transaction of doula and client.  I believe your birth will be better if we really get to know each other and you consider me one of your partners during pregnancy, birth and parenthood.  I believe it is your decision to have whomever you want at your birth and have them help or not help as much as you want.  I believe our journey does not end after birth, in your "fourth trimester" it's important for you to have non-judgmental support from a birth worker whose only priority is your mental health and confident transition to parenthood.  I KNOW all this is possible during OUR doula - client relationship. 
I am not the doula for every pregnant person and that's fine.  However if you want more than just a business relationship, more than two pre and post baby visits, more than book education - experiences from a mom of three kids; then I may be the doula you have been looking for.  My glorious clients don't hire for WHAT I do, but WHY I do it.
Thank you for reading!