Bottom Line Up Front: I support medicated, un-medicated, planned and spontaneous deliveries.  I have no preference when it comes to the delivery of your baby.  I am here to help you write your birth story.

COVID-19 Price adjustments: 

*NEW* Ask a doula Q&A 2hrs– FREE

6hr childbirth class - $100 (done over 3 virtual visits)

*NEW* Post-baby check-ins 3 virtual visits - $175 



Labor Doula services - $600 - Next open booking is September 2020

$100 non-refundable deposit due at time of first pre-baby visit

The remaining fee of $500 must be paid by first post-baby visit.

Postpartum Doula services - $350. 

Deposit of $100 due at first pre-baby visit.

The remaining fee is $250 (after deposit) must be paid by the second post delivery visit. 

You are more than welcome to do payment plans, or pay in full, whichever you desire, just let me know.

Bartering services are available, please ask for more clarity. (Examples: electrical work, massage therapy, house cleaning services)

I absolutely believe everyone should have a doula, if they want regardless of their financial situation.  So do not be afraid to talk to me about your financial situation, I am happy to work something out with you.

What makes my doula service different?

My doula services are unlike any other.  I want the expecting mommy or couple to feel as comfortable, confident, and trusting in themselves and myself as much as possible.  Therefore I do more  pre and post baby visits.  During our  pre baby visits we go over childbirth, newborn, and breastfeeding topics; we also get to know each other.  We talk about any and all hopes, wishes, and fears you may have.  We talk about your pain tolerance and what you expect your partner's role to be during labor and delivery.  I have found most couples don't talk about what the delivering person expects the partner to do during labor, the laboring persons largely believes the partner "just knows what I will want".  In most cases that's not how it goes.  it's incredibly difficult for the partner to see the pregnant person in pain and not know how or remember how to help.  Least of all what to ask the hospital staff for to help the laboring person . 

I do more visits, so we can talk about all those things.  Numerous studies have shown couples feel more confident, in control and have a smoother labor/delivery when they have constant labor support from a person  they trust and feel familiar with.  When I am hired as your doula I am there for only you (I only take one client per month).  I keep your goals, safety and interest at the foremost of my mind.  I am not there to rush you along at home or in the hospital.  I am there to support you and your partner physically and mentally.  THAT is why I am a doula!  My clients hire me because of the "why" I do this, not "what" I do.

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