Labor Doula Services Explained In-Depth – $870 - $1200 / $200 non-refundable deposit

Accepting clients for March 2022. 

(Many other doulas in the area charge $1000+ for their service, I operate on a sliding scale system.  My minimum price for services is $870 which includes the deposit.  If you feel my services were super great and are financially able to pay more than $870, that's great!  If you feel my services were super great and are NOT financially able to pay more than $870, that's okay!  People pay what they can and what they feel comfortable giving.  There is no difference in any of the services you will receive.) 

Unlimited phone/text/email support from the moment you hire me.  “Trust is the glue that binds people together.”  I do many visits for my fee, more than most doulas in the area, because I want you and your partner to feel 100% comfortable with me.  I want you and your partner to know that without a doubt I am there only to support your birth plan and postpartum period. 

Of course, plans change, and things need to be readjusted but I will give you all the possibilities, good and bad so you can make informed decisions while pregnant, in labor, and postpartum.  I have three children of my own and will give you “mom advice” as well as “book advice” but only when asked.  I am there to help create a memory you can treasure forever and provide you with support that you can access for a lifetime.

​Services include but are not limed to the following:

​Four (4) Pre baby visits

·        talking to get to know each other and your expectations for postpartum help

·        labor and delivery pain relief techniques, hands on techniques at every visit, pushing positions, demonstration of how to properly "put your feet up", massage techniques to help reduce swelling, "stomp-stomp-squat", why bouncy balls and tennis balls are your friends, and many other topics 

·        what to expect in labor and delivery

·        how to pick a pediatrician because you have options while pregnant beyond "pediatrician on call"

·        baby wearing class with samples to actually try on with weighted baby

·        childbirth topics centered on what YOU want to know most

·        suggestions for how to get “baby free” quality time with yourself or significant other

·        how to decide between baby needs/wants

·        TENS unit to borrow

·        Exercise ball to borrow


Six (6) post-delivery visits

·        breastfeeding help at home

·        nursing pillow loaner program ( I bring several styles of nursing pillow at each visit so you can make an informed decision before you spend your hard earned money to buy one)

·        help with new baby 

·        how to survive sleep deprivation

·        "happiest baby on the block" techniques

·        formula feeding and how to not overfeed your baby

·        swaddling class

·        2 overnight nanny help sessions

·        baby wearing class with your real baby

·        baby and new parent questions answered

·        a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on