Postpartum Doula Services Explained In-Depth 

Unlimited phone/text/email support from the moment you hire me

Pricing $340 - $2500 / $150 non-refundable deposit.  Four packages to chose from!

Package 1 - 10 visits $340

Package 2 - 14 visits $625

Package 3 - 26 visits $1250

Package 4 - 40 visits $2500



Bottom Line UpFront (BLUF): I am there to support the postpartum person and new baby/babies.  My primary goal is helping the postpartum person transition from pregnant to new parent with out too much complication, stress, anxiety, and worry.  I will do my best to help the partner, and other children, if applicable.  However please know my primary concern is whomever delivered the baby and helping them recover and adjust to their role in life.

Discounts available to military and first responders. 

Payment plans and bartering for services available too!!