Pressure point application by family members.

standing hip squeeze

Standing hip squeeze with TENS unit

I believe everyone is entitled to childbirth education outside of the hospital.  So if you are experiencing financial difficulties let me know, I will work with you regarding payment.


$180 for 6 childbirth class (4 or 5 childbirth classes and 2 or 1 postpartum class)

Personalized classes held at your home or virtually to focus on what you want to know most about pregnancy and delivery. 

Topics include but are not limited to:

- baby wearing

-position movement during labor and pushing,

-what happens during inductions, c-sections, & VBACs.

-breastfeeding and new baby care are also available prior to and after baby

 * A note about the breastfeeding instruction: I go over breastfeeding during the classes and AFTER delivery if the person chooses.   I provide several nursing pillows for you to try with your baby so you can make an informed decision before you buy a nursing pillow.  In most cases I can meet you  to help with nursing or at your home.  This visit is included in the $140 fee.

Not looking for a formal class?  

No problem, here are a few FREE resources via the internet.

*Slideshow about what happens to a person's body during pregnancy.


*23 Min Mini Childbirth Class


*2015 Childbirth class Part 1 & 2: both 40 mins



baby wearing

Baby wearing practice with doll and Moby Wrap

swaddling baby

Swaddling practice with soon-to-be-dad, while mom rests with feet elevated.